Flag-waving Beachside Picnic

There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing a meal with family and friends in a new and unexpected setting. And, if like me, you have the chance to live by the water, a 4th of July picnic on the beach is one of the best ways to celebrate the stars and stripes while soaking up the sun and waves.

When planning the tablescape for your picnic, think to use food as part of the decorations. Food can make a more unique visual impact than store bought decorations. Watermelon skewers in a decorative tin take the place of a floral arrangement and careful selection of foods, like fresh berries, can add a beautiful pop of color on your table.

Little toothpick flags or stars are an easy way to enhance a plate of cupcakes or other finger foods. Meri Meri is a great source for table decor.

Since space is often limited on a picnic table, creating height with finger foods is a great way to not only save space but also add interest. A well designed skewer arrangement (I love the watermelon & blueberry and hot dog & puff pastry ones!) will add huge visual impact to your decor. I recommend putting them in a pretty vintage vase or container and placing them as you would flower arrangements on your table.

Watermelon & Blueberry Fruit Skewer How To

Hot Dog Skewer How To

You need to have a great blanket for a picnic. It could be a quilt or a table cloth. I chose to use a blue table cloth that I already owned. In order to keep the table cloth from flying up with the wind, I bought simple glass cylinder vases and filled them with sand, flags and ribbons to use as anchors in the corners of the blanket. If you were doing a night party you could add tea lights.

Although a traditional picnic is usually enjoyed on the blanket, on a sandy beach that's not always very practical. I bought a lightweight, foldable and easy to carry table that is adjustable to picnic height or table height. It provided the perfect base to stabilize my tablescape. It is by KingCamp.

Every picnic needs a pretty basket! I decided to use a basket I already owned. Not only is the basket useful for transporting all the items to the beach but once you're there, the basket can be used as a buffet. I made mine the desert station and displayed my 14 year old daughter, Chloe's, gorgeous handmade cake.

I love a milk pail! It must be the farm girl in me. The milk pail doubles as a great ice bucket for your wine and champagne or any other beverages you choose. My go-to summer rose wine is Whispering Angel.

Enjoy the fireworks while toasting with a festive Fourth of July Drink! This one is my own creation.


- Splash of grenadine

- 3 shots of Bacardi Rum

- 3 Shots of Lemonade

- Spalsh of Selzer Water

- Blueberries to Garnish

Fill glass with ice. Pour a splash of grenadine over ice. Add rum slowly over ice. Add lemonade and seltzer. Garnish the top with a few blueberries. Enjoy!

Happy Fourth of July! All photography by the dynamic couple Monica and Erik Skeisvoll at A Shooting Star Studio.

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